Waste Hauler Bill Withdrawn as MACo Agrees To Dialogue

MACo’s early conversations with a bill sponsor have lead to a troubling bill being withdrawn. MACo and counties will agree to meeting with an industry group to discuss current licensing requirements, and to seek a middle ground.

HB 189, sponsored by Delegate Sandy Rosenberg, would have required the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to create a new annual vehicle licensing requirement for liquid waste haulers. MACo’s Legislative Committee had voted to oppose the bill, concerned that it would replace an existing and functioning local inspection system with a more State-controlled system that will be less likely to account for individual county concerns with the inspection of liquid waste hauler vehicles.

After outreach with the bill sponsor and a pledge to discuss these issues in good faith, the sponsor withdrew the bill in advance of its public hearing. From Delegate Rosenberg’s own blog, he lauds the positive outcome:

A good letter can mean no bill hearing.

This summer, a constituent complained that he had to get a license in every county where he conducted his liquid waste hauling business. Why not a single state-issued license instead?

I had a bill drafted.

Last month, I met with a representative of the Maryland Association of Counties.

He wrote me today that MACO is willing to meet with my constituent and any other affected stakeholders and in good faith try to address his concerns.

I withdrew my bill.

I will attend the meetings with my constituent.

MACo applauds the Delegate’s flexibility in dealing with the county concerns, and we look forward to a productive exchange.