Baltimore City Poised to Become East Coast Tech Startup Hub

Geographic positioning, educated talent, proximity to pork, and determined capital makes Baltimore an ideal locale for tech startups.

Baltimore City’s proximity to major cities on the east coast, strong educational institutions and research centers, as well as well positioned access to federal and state contracts, research grants and capital bases is setting the stage for the city to become the next big place for tech startups.

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“Because of its very long history as the home of highly successful entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists, Baltimore’s DNA is infused with energetic people collaborating to do amazing things. It’s a place that incubates great ideas because of an amazing work ethic,” said Baltimore angel investor Ken Karpay.

“Baltimore has achieved a critical mass of startups and early stage companies, a culture of community from support entrepreneurs that have ‘been there and done that,’ and a quality of life that is attracting young professionals. Combine this with increasingly active angel and seed investors–TEDCO completed 35 investments last year–and what you have are ingredients needed to continue Baltimore’s astounding growth in its entrepreneurial and innovation communities,” said Robert Rosenbaum, President of TEDCO, which uses state capital and invests small six figure tranches in early-stage local companies.

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