Governor, Legislature Could Be In Another Education Stand-off

A feature item on education policy predicts conflict in the coming legislative session, and a few areas of possible agreement.

As described by reporter Ovetta Wiggins from the Washington Post,

Gov. Larry Hogan and Democratic legislative leaders are likely to face off in January over education, a top-rated concern for most Marylanders, and could tangle over many of the same schools-related issues as they did in Hogan’s first legislative session.

The article points to potential conflicts on school funding between the Governor and the General Assembly. These include a tax credit for businesses that donate to schools, an idea that the Governor’s administration has supported in the past, and Speaker of the House Mike Busch has criticized, according to the article.

At the same time, the piece also cites a few potential areas for collaboration, including helping students in high-poverty areas of Baltimore City and limiting the amount of classroom time dedicated to student testing.

For more information, see the full story from the Washington Post.