Harford County Changes Zoning Code to Allow Craft Breweries on Farms

A December 17, 2015, Baltimore Sun article reported that the Harford County Council has approved a zoning change that will allow craft breweries to operate on farms. From the article:

Council members voted unanimously Tuesday night in favor of County Executive Barry Glassman’s bill adding “farm brewery” to the county zoning code, defining such a brewery as an “agricultural processing and manufacturing facility” on a site with equipment and supplies used to process, produce and package malt-based liquors. …

Councilman Chad Shrodes, who represents northern Harford County, praised the bill.

“I just think this is going to do well further valuing agriculture in Harford County,” he said. …

The county bill sets hours of operation for serving the public, as well as minimum standards for parking and screening from adjoining properties, among other regulations.


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