Free Webinar: ACA’s Big Issues – Strategies for Coping with the 40% Excise Tax

Many Maryland Counties could face federal penalties in 2018 for providing their employees with robust healthcare.

cadillacJoin us for a webinar discussion on this topic and learn strategies for coping with — and avoiding — the tax.

ACA’s Big Issues – Strategies for Coping with the 40% Excise Tax

Complimentary Webinar

Tuesday, December 1

2:00 pm ET

Under the Affordable Care Act, the 40% Excise Tax is slated to become effective for 2018. Public employer health benefit plans in Maryland are often generous as compared to the minimum requirements, and many are likely to hit the 40% Excise Tax threshold quickly. What will this mean to the differing stakeholders of public sector plans? The Excise Tax will likely become a major design factor for health benefit plans as they work to stay within the pre-tax benefit corridor.

In this complimentary webinar, the presenters will discuss:

  • How the Excise Tax works in terms of the new guidelines and the calculation
  • What our data tell us, including that many health plans may be affected and why they are projected to be impacted
  • The characteristics of public sector health plans that will be impacted by the Excise Tax
  • The Excise Tax issues caused by multiple plan offerings
  • Plan design features that might be adjusted without devaluing the plan in the eyes of participants
  • The emerging trends, both in Maryland and around the country, for sustaining a health plan without being subject to the Excise Tax
  • A way to deal with the Excise Tax in collectively bargained environments to propose win-win solutions

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