Anne Arundel Executive Proposes County Presence in School Budgeting

One county executive seeks to modify a process that many counties find frustrating. 

As reported in the Capital, Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh proposes a task force to study ways of improving the school budget process.

“We’re at the very end of the process, and it’s only then that any fiscal reality is brought to the discussion,” Schuh said. “But by then expectations are set, public declarations have been made and things may be going off in a direction that is unsupportable.”

For more information, read the whole story from the Capital.

While local boards of education develop local school budgets and oversee education-related spending, Maryland county governments and the state provide their funding. In fiscal 2014, local governments provided 46% of total revenues for local school systems, according to the Maryland Department of Legislative Services.

Other county governments have encountered similar frustrations with the budget process, and some have sought changes. Prince George’s County successfully reformed its education structure through state legislation two years ago. For more information see our previous post, Prince George’s Schools Take New Path.


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