Governor, Comptroller Demand Responsible Spending on New Schools

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School construction has become a hot topic on the Board of Public Works agenda.

The school construction conversation continues to heat up at the Board of Public Works. 

As reported by the Maryland Reporter and the Washington Post, Governor Hogan and Comptroller Franchot School construction voiced criticism about school construction spending and school system accountability with the Interagency Director of Public School Construction at the Board of Public Works meeting yesterday.

The Reporter described the Governor’s interest in a school systems doing a better job of managing their funding,

In the Board of Public Works meeting Wednesday, Hogan said that education was his “top priority,” citing his administration’s spending on schools, which he said was the highest in state history. Still, he said, he’d like to see state and individual school districts improve their spending plans and fiscal responsibility.

The Washington Post reported,

Hogan and Franchot also expressed growing frustration that the school construction commission has provided little justification for its funding requests on behalf of school districts. They said the requests offer virtually nothing beyond the name of the districts and dollar amounts.

“This is why fiscal responsibility is so important,” Franchot said. “It’s not good enough to just shovel money into education. Somebody has to actually look at how the money is spent and whether the taxpayers and the educators are getting a fair return and getting a good product.”

For more information, see coverage from the Washington PostMd. comptroller rips school construction chief for AC policy, and this coverage from the Maryland Reporter, Hogan, Franchot criticize spending on school construction.

Watch the Board of Public Works November 4 hearing.

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