The ABCs of EOCs: County Roles During a Local Emergency

MEMA Director Strickland
MEMA Director Russell J. Strickland

When local emergencies grow beyond one county’s control, resources from across the State and nation may brought in to support local efforts. Coordination of the response is carried out through a network of EOCs, or emergency operations centers, which themselves are made up of representatives from various agencies and different branches of government.

EOCs are the heart of a coordinated response to a critical situation, beating twenty-four hours around the clock from the initial activation through the recovery. At MACo’s Winter Conference, we will be sharing an overview of the various actors involved in a local emergency response, with a special spotlight on the school system and how we prepare schools to serve as emergency shelters in our communities.

In The ABCs of EOCs, Richard Brooks, Director of Cecil County Emergency Services will describe the roles of county elected officials and leadership staff in local emergency operations centers, and Russ Strickland, the Director of the Maryland Emergency Management Agency will describe their counterparts in the State’s EOC. Through presentation and a short tabletop exercise, participants will gain insight into the chain of command during an emergency, how agency functions translate into emergency support functions during a crisis, and how to work in an incident command structure.

Date/Time: Friday, December 10, 2015; 8-9:15am

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