Counties Across the Nation Contemplate Costs of Body Cameras

An article in NACo County News highlights counties across the nation using or contemplating the use of body cameras for their police departments. The article centers on the costs associated with launching a program particularly in regards to equipment, data storage, training, vendors and personnel. A mention is made about the body camera program in Baltimore County:

Baltimore County, Md., with the 21st largest sheriff ’s department in the country, will outfit its 1,435 officers with cameras at a cost of $1.25 million for the cameras, and $5.6 million for maintenance and data storage for five years. The $7.1 million total will also include the cost of hiring at least 21 additional full-time personnel in several departments to manage the program, with the annual program cost reaching an estimated $1.6 million.
The article shares anecdotes from counties that have experienced savings from body camera programs and federal grants that help off-set the costs of a program. For more information read the full article in NACo County News.