County Executives Meet to Exchange Ideas and Cost-Effective Approaches to Doing Business

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On WYPR’s Maryland Morning, host Sheila Kast, interviewed Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz earlier this week about a new effort between Baltimore, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties that could result in more cost-effective approaches for operating government. The county executives have agreed to meet with each other and appropriate county staff to exchange ideas and discuss efforts undertaken in their respective counties.

From the lead-in to the interview,

Just shy of half of Maryland’s population is packed into its three biggest counties – Montgomery, Prince Georges, and Baltimore Counties. Now the chief executives of those jurisdictions have decided they’re pretty smart about some aspects of government, and could get smarter by copying each other. ‘Smarter’ translates into more cost-effective, and less pressure to raise taxes or fees.

This first meeting, between Baltimore County Executive Kamenetz and Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, is to discuss information technology and how to do it better.  Future meetings will be scheduled between the two counties and with Prince George’s County to discuss other topics.

Listen to the full interview with County Executive Kevin Kamenetz here.