Wicomico County Will End Speed Camera Program

A September 25, 2015, Delmarva Now article reported that Wicomico County will end its mobile speed camera program in December when its contract with vendor RedSpeed USA expires. The County cited successful speed reductions in school zones, as evidenced by fewer issued citations and fines, as the primary factor for cancelling the program. From the article:

[Wicomico County Executive Bob] Culver said drivers have changed their habits and the Wicomico County cameras are no longer making money like they used to. The money that came in would go toward public safety, he said.

“They seem to have done their job,” he said. …

Culver said school safety is important and the county will spend what it needs to [sic] keep children safe.

The article noted the County’s decision will not affect speed cameras located in Salisbury, which is a separate program run by the city.

Further details from a September 28 WTOP 103.5 FM Radio AP News article:

An internal audit by the county shows the number of citations issued went from more than 500 in October 2012 to fewer than 100 citations by the end of 2014.

The county will remain registered with the company so they have the option to bring the program back in the future.