MACo Lunch and Learn: Opioids in The Workplace

Chesapeake Employers Insurance in partnership with MACo held an informative “Lunch and Learn” meeting at the MACo offices on Opioids in the Workplace.

Carmine D'Alessandro, Vice President of Legal, Chesapeake Employers Insurance
Carmine D’Alessandro, Vice President of Legal, Chesapeake Employers Insurance

The presentation focused on the effects of prescription drug-misuse on the workplace and the county’s role as employer and as insurer (through Workers’ Compensation) to manage these risks and costs while maintaining appropriate care options for employees needing medical treatment.

The speakers discussed the scope of the prescription drug misuse, the impact of prescription misuse on the workplace, and the impact on worker’s compensation claims. Speakers highlighted programs Chesapeake Employers Insurance has implemented, including early identification and intervention and independent medical evaluations, to help catch problems early on and to make sure employees are receiving appropriate treatment. The presentation concluded with a look at past legislative efforts to address prescription drug misuse and what is in store for the next session.

The speakers included Tammy Johnson, Director of Strategic Business; Dr. Stephen Fisher, Director of Health Services and Medical Advisor to the CEO; and Carmine D’Asslendro, Vice President of Legal.