NACo Updates County Jail Population Data on County Explorer Map

The National Association of Counties (NACo) has announced updates to county jail population data accessible through the interactive County Explorer Map. As reported in a NACo article:

There are more than 2,800 jail jurisdictions in the United States, and BJS sends the survey to a representative sample of these jurisdictions. Jail facilities can be administered by county governments, cities, regional authorities where two or more jurisdictions have an agreement to operate the facility, or private contractors. BJS makes available the data collected by the survey. The most recent data made avail­able to the public were collected in 2013.
NACo analyzes the BJS sur­vey data for county governments to update the County Explorer, an interactive map available for free via the NACo website. For September, the update to County Explorer includes the number of persons held in county jails for non-local law authorities and jurisdictions.
To view the recent jails data added to County Explorer, go to and click on “Map an Indicator” on the upper left side of the screen. A menu with different categories will appear. Move the cursor over “Justice and Public Safety.” A list of options appears to the right that includes “Jails – Supervised Population by Agency.” Click an indicator that is of interest, such as the number of inmates “Held for Own State.”
For more information read the full NACo article and visit the County Explorer Map.