Learning the Power of Place Making #MACoCon

Local economic development officials discussed “placemaking” during a session offered at the MACo Summer Conference. The session titled “Beyond the Ribbon-Cutting – the Power of Placemaking” focused on identifying your local assets to create economic opportunities and establishing specialized small business incubation programs to create jobs.

Speakers included Howard County’s President and CEO of Economic Development Larry Twele, Cecil County Economic Development Director, Lisa Webb, City of Frederick Economic Development Director Richard Griffin, and Prince George’s County President and CEO of Economic Development James Coleman.

Ms. Webb discussed creating an environment to grow businesses through incubators. She emphasized the use of incubators to create jobs and revitalize downtown areas. Mr. Twele shared Howard County’s approach for building an Ecosystem to Drive Economic Development through the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, the Howard Tech Council, and Howard County’s Economic Development authority. Mr. Griffin discussed identifying your physical assets to grow your community. He advised attendees to “identify what is true to your roots, find your gems, and polish them.” Mr. Coleman shared Prince George’s County’s vision for economic development and its focus on Transit Oriented Development in five priority locations in the county. He also shared National Harbor successes.

Speaker presentations can be found on MACo’s Summer Conference App.