Planning on Planning? You’ll Need a Plan for That

Learn about the multitude of land use plans that counties must draft and adopt at the 2015 MACo Summer Conference.


While many people know that a county must develop a detailed comprehensive plan to guide development and zoning ordinances, not everyone is aware of the numerous other plans that a county must create (and sometimes get approved by the State) in order to meet various land use and environmental goals. Besides comprehensive plans, counties must develop and update various related plans, such as: water and sewer plans; forest conservation plans; land preservation, parks, and recreation plans; and growth tier designations for septic systems. Counties must also oversee various plans for individual developments, such as stormwater management plans and grading and sediment control plans. Panelists will discuss the components of the comprehensive plan and many of the other land use plans that counties must create, review, or enforce.


  • Katheleen Freeman, Director, Caroline County Department of Planning and Codes
  • Julie Pippel, Director, Washington County Division of Environmental Management
  • Brooke Farquhar, Master Planner/Supervisor, Park and Trail Planning, Park Planning and Stewardship Division, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission Montgomery Parks
  • Marian Honeczy, Manager, Urban Forestry Programs, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Moderator: The Honorable Stephen Hershey, Jr., Maryland State Senate

Date & Time: Friday, August 14, 2015, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

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