League of Conservation Voters Release 2015 Environmental Scorecard

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (MDLCV) released its 2015 Environmental Scorecard on July 19.  The scorecard ranks Maryland senators and delegates based on key environmental votes they took during the 2015 Session.  The scorecard also displays individual senate and house legislative district ratings on a map.

Coverage from a July 20, 2015, MarylandReporter.com article on the release of both MDLCV’s environmental scorecard and the Maryland Business for Responsive Government’s (MBRG) business scorecard noted that Maryland legislators generally scored higher on both scorecards for the 2015 Session:

“This year, Maryland legislators earned significantly higher scores for their environmental votes than in years past,” said Marcia Verploegen Lewis, chair of Maryland LCV. “We believe this is because of our work in educating legislators over the years about these urgent issues and the bipartisan support for these priorities in Maryland.”

“Generally, the legislature assumed a more moderate stance this year on issues that affect business and jobs in Maryland,” said MBRG President Duane Carey. “We have a long way to go, but we are giving credit to the General Assembly for avoiding tax increases and publicly acknowledging the need to improve our business climate.”

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