New Book Describes Negative Outcomes of America’s Declining Middle Class

Over the last several years, lawmakers in Maryland’s General Assembly, have introduced several types of legislation in an effort to bolster the middle class. Solutions have ranged from tax protection for small business and relief from environmental restrictions on property development, to community college tuition exemptions, mandated sick leave, and increases in the minimum wage. While the best solutions to the problem may be hard to agree upon, a new book, Hollowed Out, describes the negative effects of the declining middle class that many may agree on.

As described in a review from the Center for American Progress, 

The decline of the American middle class has destabilized consumer demand, undermined trust, exacerbated governmental failures, and limited the development of human capital. As the book details, in order to have strong and sustainable growth, the economy needs to work for everyone and grow from the middle out.

For more information, read the full review from the Center for American Progress.