Carroll Considering Waiving College Tuition Fees for Children of County Staff, Teachers

According to a Carroll County Times article, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and school officials are considering waiving college tuition fees for children of county staff and teachers at Carroll Community College.

The article states,

Commissioner Dennis Frazier, R-District 3, introduced the proposal at a June 10 joint meeting between the commissioners and the school board as a way to attract and retain teachers in Carroll. Frazier again brought up the idea at the community college’s board of trustees meeting on June 17.

“My idea is anyone who works for Carroll County should be able to send their kids to Carroll Community College for free. If we can start with teachers, we could eventually offer free tuition to county employees,” said Frazier, an ex-officio member of the community college board.

As of now, the proposal doesn’t include free tuition for employees or spouses — just children, Frazier said.

Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie said he believes free tuition would be a good incentive for any school system employee.

To read the full article, visit Carroll County Times online.