Washington County Projected to be First in State for 100 Percent Green Energy

Washington County leads all other Maryland counties in solar-energy production and is projected to be first in the state for 100 percent green energy.

According to www.your4state.com, Washington County is

Leading in solar energy production by 33.8 megawatts, which represented about 18 percent of the state’s 184 megawatt capacity.

Located behind Kemps Mill Park in Williamsport, the solar array site is one of four in Washington County and is expected to fully power all county government buildings by the end of 2015.

In fact, this would make Washington County the first in the state to obtain 100 percent of its electricity through solar initiative projects on county property. The MEA website states the county’s government uses approximately 14 megawatts of energy and its goal it to have all the electricity utilized by government agents to be 100 percent green energy.

The county will receive more than $375,000 a year in rent and revenue with an estimated $100,000 in energy cost savings.

“It’s going to save the tax payers of Washington County money, because the county is making money off of these solar fields that they have,” [Maryland Senator Ben] Cardin said. “They’re helping our country become energy independent with what’s being done here and they’re also helping our environment with a smaller carbon footprint.”

To read more about Washington County’s green energy, please visit www.your4state.com.

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