Kaselemis Appointed Economic Development Director of St. Mary’s County

Chris Kaselemis has been selected by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County as the new Director of Economic Development. Kaselemis will begin his duties on June 15, 2015.

Chris Kaselemis, Courtesy of St. Mary's County Government
Chris Kaselemis, Courtesy of St. Mary’s County Government

According to the county press release,

Mr. Kaselemis comes to St. Mary’s County with extensive experience in economic development, as well as planning and community development. Currently he serves as the Program Director for the Economic Initiatives Office for the City of Tucson, Arizona and works closely with the City Manager, Mayor, and Council members to accomplish key strategic objectives for the City of Tucson. Mr. Kaselemis has also led the Planning and Community Development and Comprehensive Planning Divisions for the City of Tucson.

His career highlights include establishment of the first Tucson Economic Initiatives Office, numerous revitalization projects in downtown Tucson, and implementation of several significant financial incentive programs targeted at spurring the economy in Tucson.

Mr. Kaselemis holds a BS in Business and Accounting as well as an MBA in Business, both from the University of Arizona.

“Economic development is a high priority in St. Mary’s County,” said Commissioner President Randy Guy. “Mr. Kaselemis has a diverse background and brings the expertise needed to push forward St. Mary’s County’s economic development initiatives. We are excited to have him as a key player in the future growth of our community.”

Visit St. Mary’s County’s website for the full press release.