Follow NACo’s “Watch List” of EPA Regulations


The National Association of Counties (NACo) provides status updates on pending EPA regulations of interest to counties including storm water, municipal solid waste landfills, and ozone regulations.

According to NACo, the final rule on the Definition of “Waters of U.S.” under Clean Water Act will be disseminated in April.

According to the EPA, the purpose of this upcoming rule would clarify which bodies of water (and their ditches) fall under federal jurisdiction in the Clean Water Act (CWA). Public comment period closed on Nov. 14, 2014. Local governments that oversee a number of ditches (roadside, stormwater, floodwater, etc.) that would be impacted.

EPA regulations are an example of federal policy that can have a significant influence of local governments. The National Association of Counties is a good resource for updates on these policies.

For more information, see the full status chart here and call-in to NACo’s Northeast Region Conference call tomorrow.