MACo Supports Substance Abuse Treatment Funding as Initiative

Natasha Mehu, MACo Policy Analyst, testified in support of MACo Initiative, SB 641, Public Health- Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes Partnership Fund, to the Senate Finance Committee on March 11, 2015. This bill helps to reduce the drug-related death crisis plaguing Maryland, by giving local government greater flexibility to use certain grant funds for substance abuse treatment and related prevention and outreach efforts.

The written testimony explains:

SB 641 revitalizes the Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes Partnership (STOP) fund program housed in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The grant program supports targeted substance abuse treatment services and populations, as proposed by county governments in response to local needs. STOP was created by a previous MACo initiative in 2001, and in FY 15, nineteen counties were awarded STOP funds totaling some $6.4 million. While additional funding would be welcome, SB 641 does not mandate any new funding level or process. STOP funding is in addition to and does not replace other State budget appropriations for substance abuse treatment and awarded funds would continue to supplement not supplant any current funding a jurisdiction is receiving for substance abuse.

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