MACo Supports Local Legislative Power for Land Use

Les Knapp, MACo’s Legal and Policy Counsel, testified to the House Environment and Transportation Committee on March 3, 2015, to support with amendments HB 919, Land Use-Plans-Development and Adoption. This bill clarifies the authority of the local legislative body with land use authority and increases the time period wherein a local legislative body must take action on a submitted plan before it is adopted.

The amendments submitted by the Maryland Municipal League, and supported by MACo are

  • Requiring public meetings to increase transparency
  • Legislative body may adopt a single 60-day extension past the initial 90 days

From the written testimony:

 With the proposed amendments, HB 919 would properly vest final decision-making authority over comprehensive plans with an elected legislative body for noncharter counties and municipalities with land use authority and provide parity with the existing authority of charter county legislative bodies. The bill also creates reasonable time limits wherein a legislative body must take action on a comprehensive plan submitted by a planning commission or have it deemed adopted.

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