21 Counties Make Progress on Age of School Facilities


Budget analyses of Maryland’s Executive Agencies often contain notes about their progress towards strategic goals.  In its analysis of the Interagency Committee on School Construction budget, the Department of Legislative Services includes some information on statewide school construction.

The average age of school facilities is a metric used to gauge progress on statewide school construction goals.  The state’s baseline average, determined in 2005, was an average age of 24 years.  The 2014 average age was 28 years.

Here are a few highlights from the analysis:

  • From fiscal 2005 to 2014, 21 [counties] improved their standing in terms of deviation from the State average age.
  • The oldest schools are in Baltimore City, but schools in Anne Arundel, Washington, Baltimore, Allegany, Prince George’s, and Kent counties are also below the 2014 statewide average of 28 years.
  • Talbot County has the newest schools, with an average construction date of 2000, or 15 years old.

The report also notes,

Since fiscal 2005, increase in the number of school systems with average square footage above the statewide average indicates an overall improvement in the condition of schools in Maryland and reflects the large amount of State and local funding that has been allocated to public school construction in recent years.

In recent years, the State has fulfilled its aim of investing $250M per year in school construction, and now Governor Hogan has proposed to continue a high level of school construction funding.  County governments provide a large share of school construction funding, allocating $981M for capital projects in K-12 education in FY 2014 alone.

For more information, see the Analysis of the FY 2016 Maryland Executive Budget, 2015.