Harford County to Leverage Recordation Tax for Stormwater Projects

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman presented a resolution to the Council this week proposing a new strategy to meet federal stormwater requirements. As reported by the Baltimore Sun,

Glassman plans to move part of the revenue from the county’s existing recordation tax toward stormwater-related capital projects, Director of Administration Billy Boniface explained.

Boniface noted the move would not mean raising any tax rates and would not need to be passed as a bill, and the move should keep the county free from any state or federal actions for not having a viable stormwater remediation program.

The revenue to be used for this purpose totals $1.8 million, which the county would leverage by selling bonds. The county expects to receive approximately $6 million annually from such borrowing.

The County Council plans to vote on the resolution on March 3.