Maryland’s Counties Maintain State’s Aging School Facilities

Dr. David Lever, Executive Director of the Interagency Committee on School Construction (IAC) testified on February 9, 2015 before the Maryland House Appropriations Committee.  While the testimony focused mainly on the internal organization, operations, and budget of the IAC, Dr. Lever noted in his testimony the contributions that local governments make towards school renovations and maintenance.

As described,

All of the [local governments] make local investments, some substantial, in school facility projects that do not have State funding. While much of this investment is for small and maintenance projects that are not generally described as “capital” projects, there are also small, entirely locally-funded renovations. . .

The IAC is also tracking progress on school construction and renovation in Baltimore City in particular.  Baltimore City has some of the oldest school facilities in the state.  As described in the testimony,

With approximately 17.5 million square feet of educational facilities and an average age of square footage of 41 years, Baltimore City Public Schools has a large impact on the statewide average age of facilities.

For more information, read the full testimony of the Agency here and see our previous post on Conduit Street, Are State Laws “Part of the Problem” With School Maintenance?.