MACo Opposes Speed Monitoring Rewrites

On February 4, MACo Legal and Policy Counsel Les Knapp opposed SB132 before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. SB132, entitled Speed Monitoring Systems-Local Designees- Hearing and Approval, would require local jurisdiction to go through a formal legislative body approval process as it designates an “ombudsman” employee to investigate and respond to questions or concerns about the local jurisdiction’s speed monitoring system program. MACo argues that bill unreasonably intrudes on local government’s ability to make personnel decisions.

From MACo’s Testimony:

As a general principle, MACo believes that local governments should be able to make their own personnel decisions, including hiring and designation processes. There is no compelling reason for the State to enact an arbitrary process requirement in this instance.

SB 132 would unnecessarily intrude on the ability of a local government to determine its own personnel processes and has already been considered and rejected by the General Assembly in 2014. 

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