Comptroller Franchot to Push State Procurement Reforms

Comptroller Peter Franchot, who was recently sworn in for another term as State Comptroller, used his swearing-in as an opportunity to discuss the need to fix the State’s procurement system. As reported by,

We must make drastic improvements to the manner in which we obtain goods and services as a state. This cuts to the heart of what I do as your independent fiscal watchdog – ensuring that we’re getting the best possible deal for your hard-earned tax dollars.

As Comptroller, I’ve voted on approximately 15,000 contracts worth $80 billion on the Board of Public Works. And I can tell you – our procurement process is broken.

Far too often, I‘ve seen bid solicitations that result in single-bid contracts, and coincidentally or not, these single bids tend to be from incumbent vendors. So the Board of Public Works is forced to award contracts without ever knowing whether we, as a state, are getting the best deal on the market.

The Comptroller stated he intends to seek reforms that would “require a greater degree of commitment to transparency, competition and attentive management.”