This Week’s MACo Testimony – Week of March 25, 2013

The MACo staff gave testimony this week on the following bills:

March 26, 2013:

MACo supported additional local option tools to enforce drug laws to protect minors.

MACo supported closing a loophole in the 9-1-1 fee, to apply a fee on prepaid wireless callers, supporting local emergency services.

March 27, 2013:

MACo opposed limiting the amount allowed as retention on public projects.

MACo supported extending provisions governing electronic data, and its treatment under public information laws.

MACo supported an adjustment to the state funding share for library projects, designed to make projects more affordable to county governments.

MACo supported a task force with an amended charge to evaluate licensing options.

MACo supported technical changes to school funding formulas, more accurately reflecting income levels for wealth calculations affecting school formulas.

March 28, 2013:

MACo supported a streamlined designation process for the Community legacy program.

MACo supports

MACo supports

MACo supported a compromise bill applying personal property taxes again affected business vehicles and other property.

MACo sought clarifying amendments to its initiative bill to create a 10-year planning cycle, reflecting input from all stakeholders.

MACo opposed (but continues to negotiate) legislation opening tax-free transfers among related business entities.

March 29, 2013:

MACo supported a bill creating clear authority for cross-jurisdictional public safety ceremonial efforts.
To see online versions of MACo’s written testimony from the 2013 legislative session, click here.