3 “Can’t Miss” MACo Winter Conference Sessions from the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance

academylogo1. What You Need to Know about County Government: Snapshots from the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance
A foundation of knowledge and skills is needed to successfully navigate the many different facets of being a government official. In this session, speakers will briefly touch on the basic skills and information every county government practitioner needs to know, including risk management, reaching consensus, financial management, ethics, and information on specific laws such as the Public Information Act, just to name a few. All of these topics are covered more fully as Core Courses in the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance.

2. Ethics
Ethical dilemmas face county elected official every day in an atmosphere where public and private actions are increasingly scrutinized. Many ethical challenges facing elected officials are matters of common sense, but more complicated situations may fall into “gray” areas. This class, led by a seasoned practitioner in government ethics, explores the law and applies it to hypothetical but realistic situations.

3. Open Meetings
Maryland’s Open Meetings Law guides public officials in the requirements for providing public notice of decision-making functions and for closing meetings when appropriate. The law has nuances for different forms of county governments, especially for county commissioners, who act in a dual legislative/executive role. The Open Meetings Law has been revised to better accommodate “administrative functions” and other procedures of governmental bodies. Knowledgeable experts focus on the law’s application to counties, including some of the cases and complaints that have come before the Compliance Board. 

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The Academy for Excellence in Local Governance is a voluntary certificate program founded by MACo and MML, sponsored by LGIT, and run by the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy. County participants complete 8 Core Courses and 6 Elective Courses, all of which are available through MACo conferences and events. MACo’s Winter Conference will offer 2 Core Courses and 4 Elective Courses.

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