The Arguments For Dual Enrollment Programs in High School Senior Year

An opinion piece in Vox argues that more schools should turn senior year into a high school-college hybrid dedicated to helping students make the jump to higher education.  As described,

While still technically enrolled in high school, students could start earning their first college credits through local community colleges or public universities. . . . For the high achievers headed to selective colleges, it would offer a chance to earn free credits. For regular students — the vast majority of college-bound seniors — making senior year of high school also stand in for freshman year of college could close gaps between K-12 and higher education, making the education system more cooperative and more efficient.

In Maryland, dual enrollment programs between community colleges and local high schools are already taking this step.  As reported by the Maryland Association of Community Colleges,

Maryland’s 16 community colleges provide an abundance of outstanding dual enrollment programs for high school students, giving them the opportunity to accelerate their pursuit of a college degree or certificate. Each semester, 4,000+ Maryland high school students attend a community college to earn college credit while still in high school.

For more information, including profiles of students in dual enrollment programs, see the Maryland Association of Community Colleges.