Carroll County Commissioners Seek Long Term Solid Waste Disposal Options As Part of Study

An October 21 Carroll County Times article reported that the Carroll County Board of Commissioners provided input to KCI Technologies regarding a solid waste review that KCI was performing for the County.  The Commissioners requested KCI to focus on long-term solid waste disposal trends and options.  From the article:

Commissioner Richard Rothschild, R-District 4, said he would like a projection of where the waste disposal industry is headed.

“Instead of paying millions to get rid of waste, can we end up selling it as fuel down the road?” Rothschild asked at Thursday’s meeting. “I’d like to see that in the study.”

Commissioner Dave Roush, R-District 3, said he doesn’t want KCI to include or create methods of disposal; he wants the group to gather data so the board can make an informed decision and create its own methods.  …

“My concern before the conversation [on Thursday] was KCI was trying to capture what was going on currently, just short-term solutions,” [Commissioner Doug Howard, R-District 5,] said. “Long-term solutions will be much more important. The study needs a precise analysis of what industry trends are.”

The article indicated that the study should be finished in December 2014 or January 2015.

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