Cecil County Public Schools Go Solar with Standard Solar, Inc.

Standard Solar, Inc., a MACo Silver Corporate Partner, recently announced that a solar project is currently under construction for the Cecil County Public Schools and will be completed by the end of the year.

From the HeraldOnline.com article,

The Cecil County Public Schools site will feature more than 7,500 solar panels which will be installed in a ground mounted array at the Cecil County School of Technology in North East, MD. The system will produce up to 2.5 megawatts direct current. This is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions of 4 tons of carbon dioxide, or 3,851 pounds of coal burned, or 1.3 tons of waste sent to landfills. The system will provide approximately 92 percent of Cecil County’s Board of Education’s six building electricity load.

The Cecil County solar array project was developed and is being installed by Standard Solar. SunEdison will provide the financing via a power purchase agreement. The MEA is providing a $98,000 grant to help offset the cost of interconnecting the solar system to the electrical grid. More generally, the Maryland legislature and Governor Martin O’Malley have created financial, net metering and other incentives that allow counties, municipalities and other entities to reduce their electricity costs by installing solar systems. These efforts were implemented in order to help the State of Maryland realize its Renewable Portfolio Standard goal of 20 percent renewable energy generation by 2022.

“This project marks Cecil County Board of Education’s commitment to furthering the advancement of solar energy and we are honored to take part in this event recognizing the progress in bringing this commitment to reality,” said Standard Solar CEO Tony Clifford.

To read more about this solar project, visit HeraldOnline.com.