Proposed Calvert County Municipality Gains a Name and Boundaries

A September 12 SoMdNews article reported that a proposed municipality in Calvert County now has a name (Calvert Shores) and formal boundaries.  The proposed municipality would encompass Chesapeake Ranch Estates (CRE) and sections of Lusby.  If pursued, the incorporation issue could be on the 2016 election ballot.

The article discussed the desire of Ranch Estate residents to reduce their homeowner association costs.   The article also summarized recent advice offered by former La Plata Mayor Bill Eckman to Ranch Estates residents:

A good government is able to distinguish between needs and wants, Eckman said. Of the services government provides, two are crucial: fire protection and law enforcement.  …

The services government should provide include things such as central water and sewer, street and highway management, planning and zoning and trash collection. The desirable services that are wants rather than needs are things such as parks and recreation and airports.  …

Even though municipal incorporation unlocks opportunities for the Ranch Estates community through grant funds not currently available to CRE as a homeowners’ association, challenges come with incorporation as well.

“People demand more services and everyone wants something different,” Eckman said. This is the top challenge of a municipal government, he said, and closely following is how people are not willing to pay more for the services provided.

Getting people to vote for local offices in Calvert Shores will be an issue, too, Eckman said, as it has been in La Plata.