Sustainable Growth Commission Ponders Key IRR Recommendations

Infill, Redevelopment & Revistalization







The Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission considered a list of key or “headline” recommendations for its Infill, Redevelopment, and Revitalization (IRR) Policy at its July 28th meeting.  While the Commission is still considering all 85 recommendations from the current draft, the members agreed that a smaller subset should receive special focus.  The headline list focuses on 27 recommendations, often combining language from several recommendations in the full draft.  The recommendations cover focusing the State’s resources (water/sewer, roadways, schools/libraries, and economic development) in targeted redevelopment and revitalization areas, promoting equitable development, and furthering transit-oriented-development goals.

The Commission generally agreed that 27 was still too many to highlight and will likely narrow the list of headline recommendations further.  MACo’s representatives on the Commission and MACo staff continue to participate in the Commission’s deliberations.

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