Sustainable Growth Commission to Examine Rural Economic Development & Growth Issues

logo of Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission

In addition to discussing the Infill, Redevelopment, and Revitalization (IRR) Policy, the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission also discussed a renewed interest in examining rural Smart Growth issues at its July 28th meeting.

Agricultural Advocate and former Calvert County planner Greg Bowen was recently asked to chair the Commission’s Rural Economics Workgroup, which will focus on examining rural economic development and growth challenges.

Initially, the Workgroup will consider an action plan to bolster rural industries (farm, forestry, etc.).  The group could also expand its inquiry into Smart Growth challenges faced by rural jurisdictions.  MACo has long advocated and examination and where appropriate modification of the State’s Smart Growth policies to better address rural issues.

Any county officials interested in participating on the Rural Economics Workgroup or any subgroup should contact Les Knapp at 410.296.0043 /