Carroll County Energy Audit Designed to Yield Savings

As reported by the Carroll County Times, Carroll County Commissioners approved an energy audit contract during their meeting yesterday to help the county save money on energy costs.

From the article:

The contract was awarded to Johnson Controls, a company specializing in identifying and improving energy efficiency in work spaces. The company will review energy uses in between 30 and 35 buildings.
Johnson Controls guarantees that the county will recoup any money spent on the audit and future improvements through energy savings they identify during the audit, according to Scott Moser, deputy director of the Carroll County Department of Public Works. The company has been performing work for the county since 1998.

In performing the audit,

G. Michael Whitson, chief of the Bureau of Facilities, said the company will bring in a team of engineers and specialists to review all county buildings over a three-month period. The county has added a lot more buildings to its inventory, including the South Carroll Senior and Community Center, and has changed buildings since the last time there was an energy performance audit.