Senator Mikulski Introduces Bill to Tackle Heroin

In an effort to address the growing issue of heroin use and overdoses in Maryland and across the nation, U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski introduced multi-pronged legislation to fund programs to stop illegal drug distribution, expand access to treatment and improve data sharing. As reported in The Star Democrat:

“It cuts across classes, races and ages,” Mikulski said. “I’ve introduced legislation to help address the cause of this crisis and get communities and law enforcement the tools they need to combat heroin use. I’m fighting to address the heroin problem head on. We must crack down on dealers, help users stay clean and prevent those at greatest risk from using in the first place.”

Mikulski’s Fiscal Year 2015 funding bill aims to crack down on heroin use and abuse by providing $1 million to create new state anti-heroin task forces.

It’s a federal grant that would be used by states for drug enforcement, including investigation and activities related to the distribution of heroin or the unlawful diversion and illegal distribution of prescription medications.

However, there’s also $12 million provided for residential drug treatment for a continuum of care — from treatment programs in correction and detention facilities to aftercare services that prevent relapse.

It also includes $7 million for prescription drug monitoring to try and improve data sharing.

Read the full article in The Star Democrat.

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