Congress Considering Legislation To Allocate $300 Million For Social Impact Bonds

As reported by Forbes, a bi-partisan bill, the Social Impact Bond Act, was recently introduced in the House of Representatives by Reps. Todd Young (R – Indiana) and John Delaney (D – Maryland) aimed at addressing difficult social programs. The bill would also require a one-time $300 million appropriation to pay for the positive outcomes of programs funded through this mechanism and to fund feasibility studies and evaluations of Social Impact Bond projects.

From the article:

Also known as Pay for Success, Social Impact Bonds are all about public-private partnerships and measurable outcomes. They’re a way for investors to work with governments and nongovernmental organizations or other service providers to address seemingly intractable problems, from child abuse to  maternal health, among low-income or vulnerable populations.  Whatever the problem, the outcomes must be measurable.

If the project reaches its goal as determined by a third-party evaluator, the government pays back donors with a small profit. If those objectives aren’t reached, there’s no return.

If enacted, this new program is envisioned to work in the following manner:

…to receive federal funding state or local governments would need to identify a social problem they hope to address that would have positive social outcomes and federal savings. Then they would submit a Social Impact Bond feasibility study to the Department of the Treasury, which would consult with a new entity called the Federal Interagency Council on Social Impact Bonds  and the head of any pertinent federal agencies. Treasury would only pay those local governments if a third-party evaluator determined the project had achieved previously agreed upon outcomes.

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