Former Prince George’s County Executive Curry Dies at 63

On Wednesday, July 2, 2014, Former Prince George’s County Executive, Wayne Curry died at age 63. Curry served as County Executive from 1994 to 2004.

Wayne Curry
Former Prince George’s County Executive Wayne Curry, Courtesy of Maryland State Archives

Many county leaders give Curry credit for transforming the county while Prince George’s County experienced a surge in growth and prosperity during his tenure. As noted in The Gazette,

While in office, Curry argued for upscale development, shopping centers like the Bowie Town Center and other large developments. He is credited with luring the NFL’s Washington Redskins from Washington, D.C., to a new stadium in Landover and convincing then-owner Jack Kent Cooke to build the team’s new home using state funds instead of county dollars.

“All that you see, everything you see from National Harbor, the new shopping centers, the grander-scale housing came from the seeds he planted,” said David Harrington, president of the county’s Chamber of Commerce. “All the nicer restaurants, shopping and new schools really started with Wayne Curry. While he wasn’t in office to see all of it nor will he see some of the finishing touches, he planted the seeds for all of it.”

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