BDC Preparing New RFP For Baltimore City “Superblock” Project

A May 29 Baltimore Business Journal article announced that the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) may put out a new request for proposals (RFP) for the stalled “Superblock” development project in Baltimore City.   According to the article, the project has been on hold since Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake abrogated an agreement with the previous project developers, Lexington Square Partners.  Lexington Square Partners challenged the City’s decision in court but the challenge was dismissed.  The article also notes that the BDC is considering breaking the project up into smaller portions:

It’s not clear what the RFP will include, but [BDC President Brenda] McKenzie suggested the project could be broken up into smaller portions.  …

“I think you’d see, even with the Old Town RFP that we did recently, certainly having flexibility where it can be parts that make sense or a whole,” McKenzie said. “I can’t say ‘would be,’ because we’re not done. But we’re certainly considering it.”

The huge Superblock parcel is bounded by West Clay, West Fayette, Howard and Liberty streets and was slated to contain 300 apartment units and more than 200,000 square feet of retail space. The area forms the historic core shopping area that declined as department stores closed and suburban shopping malls flourished.