Dorchester’s Proposed Budget Focuses on Current Service Levels

Dorchester County recently proposed a FY 2015 budget of $64,082,201, which is only a $223,914 difference from the current year’s adopted budget.

According to the article,

Revenue estimates for Dorchester are about the same for property taxes, with an estimated increase in income taxes.

The budget shows an estimated $30,027,714 to be paid in Dorchester property taxes, with $30,154,734 paid this year.

The county’s property tax rate will remain the same for the coming fiscal year, according to Dorchester finance officials.

Dorchester is expecting an estimated $800,000 increase in income taxes, from $9,809,329 this year to an estimated $10,600,000 to be paid in FY‘15.

Education is the leading expenditure in Dorchester’s combined operating and capital budget — a total of $21,365,119, including $18,531,907 in operating costs for Dorchester County Public Schools, just slightly higher than this year’s operating cost expenditure of $18,359,680.

The Dorchester County Council is expected to vote on budget approval on May 20, 2014.

To view the full proposed FY 2015 budget, visit Dorchester County’s website.