Carroll County Exits Bi-County Waste-to-Energy Partnership

An April 23 Frederick News-Post article reported that Carroll County will be exiting an agreement with Frederick County on a joint waste-to-energy project.  The exit agreement will also allow the other participating county, Frederick, to also leave the project without financial penalties if the County desires.  Frederick County also supported the exit agreement.

On Tuesday night, a multicounty agency overseeing the incinerator effort approved an amended project agreement with Frederick and Carroll counties.  …

“We’re not locked in by a contract that had us on the hook financially,” [Frederick County Commissioner President Blaine] Young said. “If there is a better option than building a waste-to-energy facility in Frederick County, we can walk away without having any financial ramifications.”  …

Up to this point, Carroll and Frederick counties could have faced penalties totaling $3 million for backing out of the project. Under the new memorandum of understanding, Carroll County has agreed to write a check for $1 million to leave the incinerator partnership. The revised MOU between the two counties and the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority would permit Frederick County after July 31 to withdraw from the project with no fine.

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