2014 End of Session Wrap Up: Elections

This post summarizes the status of elections legislation that MACo either considered or took a position on.

Early Voting Centers – Days of Operation: HB 263 / SB 200 would have ended the early voting period on Sunday, two days prior to election day, making it extremely difficult for small jurisdictions to update epollbooks, and making it practically impossible in larger jurisdictions. MACo opposed this bill expressing these concerns and stating that more time is needed to examine the cost implications and logistical issues before further expanding early voting.

Final Status: Neither bill was voted by its respective committee.

County Executive Vacancy – Special ElectionHB 1415 proposes a constitutional amendment which would give the authority to a charter county to fill a vacancy in the office of county executive through a special election if the vacancy occurs during the term of office.  As amended, the bill authorizes the special election to be conducted by mail.  MACo supported this legislation stating it provides greater flexibility to charter counties for filling a county executive vacancy in the middle of a term.

Final Status: HB 1415 passed the General Assembly and is now awaiting the Governor’s signature.