Worcester County Faces Shortfall in Proposed FY 2015 Budget

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Worcester County has drafted a proposed budget, which shows a gap between estimated county revenue and expenditures of approximately $14.7 million.  However, the county is planning to use $6.4 million in budget stabilization funds, closing the gap to $8.3 million.

From The Dispatch article,

“General Fund revenues based on current tax rates are estimated to be $176,399,189,” reported Chief Administrator Harold Higgins in a budget memo to the commission. “Requested general fund operating expenditures total $184,770,774. This leaves a shortfall of $8,371,585, which must be reconciled, either with reductions in expenditures, additional revenues or a combination of the two.”

Public school funding makes up 51 percent of the budget, with the Board of Education requesting $79,463,091, an increase of $3,384,021 from last year.  In addition, other major requested budget expenditures include:

…a $752,041 increase to the Sheriff’s department, a $1,063,172 increase to the Health Department and $1,012,396 in additional grants to towns. Additionally, the budget includes a $3,044,166 requested increase for salary, insurance and benefits for county employees. The total change in expenditures from last year is an increase of $16,127,120, or 9.6 percent.

To read more about Worcester County’s proposed fiscal 2015 budget, visit The Dispatch’s website.