LGIT Offers Liability Tips on Concussive Injuries

The Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) has a helpful write-up on concussive injuries in its most recent member bulletin.

From the article:

Over the last two years, there has been a significant increase in public awareness concerning the possible long-term consequences resulting from concussions sustained during sporting activities. Both professional and collegiate football have received the most notoriety. However, the rates of concussive injury in other sports, such as soccer, hockey, and gymnastics is as high or even higher. Many of our municipal and county members sponsor or  provide venues for these types of athletic activities, and there has been a growing concern as to the quickly changing liability landscape.

The article offers a list of suggestions for county and municipal governments, including some general guidance in activity offerings:

Consider conducting an inventory of government sponsored or supported activities that could lead to concussion claims. While contact team sports are an obvious choice, don’t ignore other activities, such as cheerleading. There are other, even less obvious governmental activities that still expose participants to concussions. These include renting or making athletic fields available for use by community organizations, intramural or club sports, or summer camps. Intramural and club sports may pose a particular challenge. These activities tend to have limited or lax oversight. For example, it would be unusual for trained medical personnel to be on hand during most intramural games.

For more reference, LGIT advises drawing further from its source, an article from Genesis Insights, “Sports-Related Concussions-A Q& A for schools and other public entities.”