TMDL Data Center Now Live Online

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) has developed a new series of webpages, referred to as the TMDL Data Center, which is now live and online. The link to the new site is provided below. The purpose of the site is to provide permitted entities and local jurisdictions with applicable TMDL and WLA data, as well as additional information that may be of use in implementing these TMDLs and WLAs. Specifically, the new webpages include:

• An online TMDL and WLA tracking database

• Allows permittees and local jurisdictions to query their TMDLs/WLAs

• A series of online maps of all EPA approved TMDLs

• Depicts the locations of TMDL watersheds and provides the ability to download these applicable shapefiles

• SW-WLA implementation plan guidance documents

• Provide guidance to local Phase I MS4 jurisdictions in the development of permit required implementation plans

• A Stormwater Toolkit

• Provides instructions to local MS4 jurisdictions for sub-dividing any aggregate SW-WLAs

• Other relevant technical and GIS information and documents

The new site can be accessed at:

Over the next year, MDE will be working to improve and refine the website and its content. If you have any questions about the site, please contact Greg Busch at 410-537-3901 ( or Jeff White at 410-537-3884 (

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties