City Paper Highlights Council Member Scott’s “Great Expectations”

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Baltimore City Council Member Brandon Scott was featured for his “Great Expectations” for himself and the City of Baltimore as the youngest council member in City Paper earlier this week.

The publication discusses Scott’s accomplishments from his years prior to being a Council Member, his ambitious and hands-on attitude, work ethic and where he sees his future and the future of Baltimore City.

When describing Scott’s demeanor, the City Paper writes,

he is “decidedly more patient. He looks restless when his phones are not buzzing with emails, text messages, and actual phone calls from people asking for his help or providing updates. His manner is modest and gentle. He is here to serve. He is reassuring and throws just a little insight into a given problem—a little bit he learned in his seven years riding herd on the city bureaucracy.

The phones are something to see. One is a white Samsung Galaxy with a cracked screen—it was hit by a ball and fell off the bleachers during the annual Thanksgiving flag-football game Scott plays with police officers. The other—the city-issued one—is an identical black model, intact. It is linked to the phone on his desk turning over calls.

And Scott will get back to you, very soon.

The work ethic “comes from my upbringing,” Scott says. “Both my parents worked all the time. My granddad was one step above a share-cropper in North Carolina. For me to be lazy or complain, it would almost be a disrespect to him.”

Scott also touches on how Baltimore City doesn’t always have the manpower, the expertise or the budget to do some of the things that they want to do, but how he always tries to be an optimist in the matter.

“…mostly he’s a techno-optimist, tirelessly building that capacity while cheerleading. “So, for example, the former police commissioner told me we didn’t have the capacity to do online police reporting,” he says. “Well, we have it now.”

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