Baltimore County Teachers Critique Common Core Implementation

Maryland is among 45 other states that have adopted the Common Core curriculum, but the process has not been without criticism, as reported by WYPR in recent coverage of a breakfast function of the Teachers Association of Baltimore County.

According to the radio piece,

[The teachers] said Common Core has been poorly implemented: that it’s been a rush job, it was given to teachers too late and that they’ve had to work extra hours to put in place the more rigorous curriculum with little training.

The event drew attendance and commentary by several state legislators, who showed their sympathy and asked for input.

Delegate John Olszewski, chairman of the county’s House delegation, state senate candidate, and former teacher, cited a Maryland State Education Association poll of teachers in which 43 percent said they received their [Common Core] curriculum two weeks or less ahead of time. . .

State Senator Katherine Klausmeier told the teachers to call their legislators during the upcoming 90 day session with solutions on how they can help make things better in the classroom.

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