Montgomery County Council Takes Steps to Help Homeless

Man_sleeping_on_Canadian_sidewalkThe cold months present a constant reminder of Maryland’s homeless and the challenges they face.  Maryland counties strive to address issues of homelessness in their communities, often through partnership with nonprofits that target specific needs. At MACo, we regularly feature updates on homelessness in Maryland and best practices in homelessness reduction on Conduit Street.

As reported in, Montgomery County is expected to move forward with a land swap that will net 42 small apartments for the homeless in a new building in Silver Spring in cooperation with Progress Place.

The swap is part of the Progress Place Project, which will have the current property on Colonial Lane developed into a high-rise residential building. . . Progress Place is a facility owned by Montgomery County that houses Shepherd’s Table — a nonprofit that provides the homeless and those in need with basic services including meals, social services, medical support and clothing — and Community Vision, which provides support, advocacy, education and training for the homeless in the county to empower them to achieve independence.

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